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Well Restoration


Restorations of wells covers a wide range of jobs depending on well use, history and budgets so no matter what you have in mind we can work closely with you to bring you the best restoration project from your well for you.

Restoring a well back to working use does not have to complicated and does not have to be done in one swift project, We can work with you to restore a well in stages which is sometimes best not only for budget but for building works and also for you. We know how interesting wells can be so if someone is doing work to a well we expect the customer to want to be there and see the work taking place. We can provide pictures and video while we are doing the work.

A well is a great asset to any property nowadays which are on or are about to go on a water meter. They give the owner a free, fresh supply of water for use for all your water needs or just for watering the garden. They can be used in a hose pipe ban area without any problems, the hose pipe ban is from the mains water supplier NOT your own water supply.

We are also able to successfully restore old hand pumps including new weights and leather seals which we are able to replace for you. The top of your well is one of the most important parts of the well. Not because it helps make it work but because it needs to look good and also needs to be functional. W

Over time the ground water aquifers silt up which stop or slow the water coming into the well and then the water as always will take the path of least resistance which is away from the well. With first hand experience and techniques past down from original well diggers and well scrubbers we are able to de-silt and revitalise a well back to perfect working order again.

Many wells were covered over when mains water was piped to almost every home so they have laid undiscovered. People are always finding wells so if you have found a well in your garden or around your property please contact us.

Before Restoration


After Restoration


If you think you have a well or have heard stories of a well being on your property we can search through old records to try and find and locate your well. If we do not have any luck through records we can instruct a dowser to find water and locate your well.

If a well restoration is not feasible then a borehole will be, please read our borehole pages if that is something that might be of interest.

Please check our gallery pages and keep track of us using our blog to see what we have been up to.

If you would like more information about anything on this website please do get in touch with us.

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