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Well Cleaning

Well Cleaning can mean you wash the well top to having engineers go down the bottom and cleaning the silt and debris away.

No matter how bad your well is we can clean the top cap or cover to ensure it is fully safe and nothing has corroded. For all well inspection we set up safety equipment because we have come across many covers that look safe on the outside but on the inside they were corroded.

Well walls can over time become clogged. We can descend into your well using our safety equipment and clean the walls bringing them back to new condition.

We can clear all the wooden beams within the well and ensure they are safe and secure. We can remove any old pipe work, brackets and pump equipment if no longer used.


Well floors are an important part of a well structure, if they are silted up this can cause the well to stop working and the recovery rate of the water within the well will become slowed. If things such as vegetation fall in and decays this will contaminate the water giving off an oily surface and very bad smell. That is just an example of the things that can contaminate the water and slow the flow rate down.

We use our specialist equipment to dig out wells and get them back to good working order. There has only been one in 200+ wells that we have dug out that we could not get back to working order.

Many well cleans are for owners are using the well water for irrigating the garden to drinking and using the well water for all their water usage. We can clean and maintain well glass covers, well lights, change bulbs and re-position them along with any pipe work or pump maintenance.

If you have a glass cover and need to clean it we can lift the glass for you and / or clean it too.

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