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UV Filtration


Private water supplies may contain micro-organisms that can be harmful if consumed. Ultra Violet light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that is shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays. This disrupts the DNA of micro-organisms, preventing them from replicating and thus de-activing their potential for infection. Ultra Violet systems provide a safe, clean and economical method for sterilisation of water supplies.




It is recommended that all UV disinfectiors are installed with a 5 mircon pre-filter.

This pre filter removes the larger particulate from the water, preventing the effect called "shadowing" whereby bacteria can pass through the water in the "shadow" of small debris. The size of filter is dependent on the water flow and quality of the water.

Waterdriller offer 10" Big Blue and 20" Big Blue filter housings with 5 micron insert filters.

Wedeco UV Filters

At Waterdriller we offer the Wedeco Aquada range of UV filters.

The Aquada UV series, extremely simple handling, low investment and operating costs and various possibilities of application in household, leisure and industry make the Aquada equipment the ideal model to start with in environmentally friendly UV disinfection.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe disinfection with low operating costs.
  • Use of quality components.
  • Various possibilities of application in household, leisure and industry.
  • Operation possible in all networks worldwide.
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning.


The Aquada UV system is suitable everywhere that drinking water is taken from its own sources or the quality from public networks is no longer sufficient for your own needs. Moreover, it is used in residential treatment plants for waste water disinfection, in process water circulations, aquarium or private swimming pools, ventilation and air-conditioning, fountains and water attractions.


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