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Full Installation Service on all equipment

Filter Housings

At Waterdriller we sell and install a range of 10" and 20" filter housings. The housings can be installed with a range of cartridges including carbon, nitrate reduction, woven and spun filters.

Particule Filtration

Particualte filtration is the filtering of solid, undisssolved particles from water. The nauture and size of solid particles can vary greatly. Some examples are clay particles, sand, organic debris, Iron oxide and Manganese oxide. Particlate filters can be used wether on their own, or more commonly, as part of a filtration system.

10" Housing

The 10" Big Blue water filter is intended for whole house or industrial applications where high flow rates are required - offering up to five times the surface area over regular slim line cartridges.


20" Housings

The 20" Big Blue water filter is intended for whole house or industrial applications where high flow rates are required. The housings feature larger cartridges than our typical drinking water systems, thus enabling them to offer similar filtration performance, but without a noticeable drop in flow. 20" Models are generally suitable for most domestic installations, whereas 10" models are more suited to baths, apartments or houses with single occupants.

Spun or Pleated?

Two sediment cartridge options are available - Spun and Pleated.

Spun cartridges are usually used for economy, and in domestic applications with light and very fine sediment are ideal, usually lasting about six months each.

Pleated cartridges are slightly more expensive, but have the benefit of being washable - This means for areas with heavy sediment you can remove the filter periodically, wash it down, and then reinstall it - However, this procedure can only be done a few times before the fabric wear will eventually lead to it having to be replaced.

In general for applications with light sediment on mains water, then Spun cartridges are preferred. For heavy sediment and well water, pleated filters probably are a better choice.

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