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How much will a borehole cost?

One of the key questions is. How much will a private water supply / water borehole cost?

To answer this question, we will have to know more about your intended project and your site.

Do you wish to install some form of water storage?, i.e. tank, above or below ground. We supply and install tanks of between 1000 litres and 100000 litres capacity. This would add somewhere between £1500 and £10000 to the cost.


Do you want the water to be for domestic drinking water? UV units and filtration equipment can add typically another £1500 - £3000 to the cost depending on the size of the household/group wanting the drinking water. If the water contains high levels of impurities, e.g. iron or manganese , this figure can be higher.

Do you require extra equipment, pipe runs, more outlets, irrigation/sprinkler systems etc.?

Cost of drilling


The cost of drilling and lining a borehole is typically £100-£140 per metre depending on geology. The single most important factor determining the cost of the borehole itself is therefore, how deep does it have to be?

General Fixed Costs

The cost of the borehole pump, controls, wellhead and custom designed chamber. Together these can add up to around £3000

At waterdriller we use only industry benchmark equipment, e.g. Grundfos or Lowara borehole pumps. Putting together all of the above it can be seen that a shallow (20m) high quality borehole with few extras will cost £6000 to £7000. A deeper borehole, say around 70m will cost around £14000.

We will only give fixed price quotations. This means you only ever pay the price you've been quoted or less, we never ask for more money. At Waterdriller Once we have agreed a price with you, it will not change (unless of course, you change what you want us to do)

As with many other things, there are of course ways of cutting costs but we choose quality and reliability. We are able to provide the complete package, i.e. water borehole, external pipework, storage tank, UV and filtration , all from one point of contact.


Running Costs


This depends on the equipment configuration that you install and on the amount of water that you use.

Important points to consider are -

  • The electricity needed to power the borehole pump, any booster pump that you may have, and to power the UV unit should you have one installed. All of these together should only add up to a few pence per day.
  • The usage of the consumable or renewable elements in your installation, these are e.g. filter cartridges and UV bulbs. Usually these will only need replacing on an annual basis (depending to some extent on the quality of the natural water from the borehole) and again, will add up to only a very few pence per day.
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