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Ideal Borehole Location

It is easier to say where not to site a water borehole!

Do not site a water borehole close to a source of effluent, e.g a cesspit, open drain, farmyard runoff.

Beware of putting a borehole close to land which is, or recently has been, frequently sprayed with pesticides or treated with chemical fertilizers.

Do not site a water borehole in landfill areas

Do not site a borehole in a dip or depression which may flood in rainy weather (the chamber containing some of the controls will not take kindly to submersion).


Boreholes should be placed -


As far away as possible and uphill of any of the possible contaminant sources mentioned above but by all means fairly close to your house. 

Our boreholes are practically invisible and can be turfed over, covered with gravel etc.

Close to the pond/lake you wish to top up, or garden you wish to irrigate (remember, borehole pumps need a mains electricity supply)

It is possible to site our boreholes where there will be road traffic. Please let us know and we will provide an extra strength manhole cover.

Water treatment for boreholes

Should you require us to provide you with water treatment equipment, e.g. UV, filters etc., these can usually be housed in an outbuilding, garage, utility room, plant room etc.

The space required will depend on the water analysis and minerals to be removed. See our Filtration Products page for further information.

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