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Borehole Design

At waterdriller we study local geology to design the best most productive borehole for your site.

A typical waterwell borehole driller by waterdriller will operate as shown below. Water borehole depths in the UK mostly range between 10m and 200m.


Example borehole

  • Discharge Pipe From Wellhead
  • Concrete Slab For The Well House Foundations
  • Pump Chamber Casing
  • Pumping Water Level In The Borehole
  • Grout Sealing The Annulus Around The Pump Chamber Casing
  • Electric Submersible Pump
  • Water Inflow To The Pump Intake
  • PVC Well Screen
  • Gravel Filter Pack Filling The Annulus Around The Well Screen
  • Groundwater is Drawn Through The Screen Slots And Flows To The Pump Intake
  • Groundwater Flows Through The Sand And Gravel Aquifer To The Well Screen
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